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Allergy freedom starts with a free test.

Ready to overcome allergies for good? It starts with a free allergy test kit mailed to your home — all you pay is shipping. Based on your results, we create an allergy drops treatment just for you.



+ $12.99 Two Day Shipping per kit
Quello is currently serving patients in Colorado & Texas. More states are coming soon.
Please note, we cannot provide testing or treatment for federally insured patients (Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare).

Let's learn what you're allergic to.

Take our allergy test at home in under two minutes. Simply follow the steps to collect a few drops of blood, then mail it back in the return envelope. We’ll analyze your sample to measure your response to common allergens.

What are we testing for?


Weeds & grasses

Dog dander

Cat dander



Dust Mites


Quello is the convenient, clinically proven way to put allergies behind you.

Happy Noses
We’re guiding thousands of people to lasting relief
Take drops under your tongue — no more painful shots
Just for You
We tailor treatment to your unique allergies
All at Home
Get your treatment by mail and never set foot in a clinic
Our team of allergy specialists is here to help

Our patients say it best.

5 stars
“Wonderful experience from day one. On drops (yeah, no shots!!) and I’m recovering from everything I’ve been dealing with for years.” — Dianne
“I am ‘over the top’ satisfied with my allergy drops… My allergies are 100% at bay.” — Lori
“No sneezing coughing and embarrassing runny noses. They are truly Top Shelf!” — John

Answers to common questions.

Allergy freedom starts with a free test.

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The Quello Home Allergy Test Kit