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"Doctor Led Allergy Therapy at Home"
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The science of overcoming allergies

For decades, allergy doctors have treated seasonal and indoor allergies in essentially the same way. Patients are prescribed years of weekly shots or medications that leave them feeling tired or wired. It’s that, or turn their lives upside down trying to avoid their allergy triggers.

With choices like these, a change was overdue. Enter sublingual immunotherapy, more commonly known as allergy drops. Formulated around patients’ unique needs, this treatment introduces small amounts of safe antigens into the immune system day by day and season by season.

Within weeks, these substances ease people’s symptoms by making them less sensitive to their allergy triggers. After taking drops for several years, many patients find they can stop the treatment and live allergy-free for decades.

By putting this proven treatment in people's hands at home,

Quello removes the barriers to an allergy-free life.

Drops vs. Shots

If you get allergy shots, you’re likely a good candidate for drops. Like shots, allergy drops provide long-term symptom relief and protection. Unlike shots, drops work without side effects, needles, medicines or clinic visits. If you have your results from a previous allergy test, you can get started right away.

Quello Allergy Drops

Relieves symptoms on the path to long-term allergy prevention
Blood testing at home with no side effects
Daily treatment you do 100% at home
Get expert advice and support anytime

Allergy Shots

Relieves symptoms on the path to long-term allergy prevention
Clinic tests that cause your symptoms to spike
Weekly clinic visits that consume weeks of your life
Get answers by appointment

Answers to common questions.

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The Quello Home Allergy Test Kit