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Quello: Easing Allergies State by State

Allergy season can run the spectrum. From minor inconveniences such as sniffles and itchy eyes to hacking coughs, serious congestion, and debilitating exhaustion, allergies take all forms. 

Fortunately, there are ways to combat these symptoms. While preventative measures and typical medications can work, they are not cure-alls. Some patients, depending on their issues, may need something else. Something innovative. Something powerful and lasting.

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Quello allergy drops are that solution.

Although the research on sublingual allergy drops is not conclusive, many patients have found success using them. An alternative to unreliable meds and remedies, allergy drops may provide the relief you need. Specialized practices like Quello provide that option.

As always, speak to your healthcare provider for a personalized diagnosis and treatment.

What Is Quello?

Quello’s online allergy practice was born in Denver, Colorado, with a simple vision: to improve the lives of allergy sufferers across state boundaries. No matter the severity of their symptoms, regardless of their lifestyle, Quello seeks to return what allergies took away.

With allergy drops, many patients not only experience symptom relief but also enjoy symptom resolution. This means they can live for years on end without allergic reactions to many of today's common allergens. Quello’s allergy drops help prevent recurring and severe symptoms in many users, beginning with relief in as little as a few weeks.

Whether you live in a state like Texas, known for allergic “cedar fever,” or you’re high in the mountains of Colorado or Montana, you may be eligible for sublingual immunotherapy. With the use of daily, under-the-tongue drops, you can begin to reclaim your life. 

All drops are formulated to your precise immune system needs. They’re shipped right to your doorstep, and taken in the comfort of your home. No hassles, no pains.

Can Quello Ship Drops to Any State? 

If you’re wondering, what states is Quello available in, that’s a great question!

First off, we are always seeking to expand. As an online allergy clinic, we aspire to make immunotherapy as accessible as possible, breaking down barriers to the top allergy treatments available. As of right now, Quello drops are available in seven states: Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. 

Note: Only individuals on private insurance are eligible for Quello’s allergy therapy. Unfortunately, individuals federally insured through Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare are ineligible. 

If you’re privately insured and living in another state, don’t despair! While Quello is currently not available in your area, we may be coming soon. 

Struggling with allergies and wish there was a way to better manage your symptoms? Have any questions about future developments at Quello? Simply need to speak to seasoned immunologists about your allergies? 

Our specialists are always happy to talk

Does Quello Work the Same in Each State?

Relying upon a team of medical allergy specialists, our online clinic is happy to serve patients in more than half a dozen states. We make it easy, no matter which eligible state you live in. If you’re privately insured and in our service area, we’re ready to help!

First, you order a FREE at-home allergy test kit. This kit provides all the items you need to leave a small blood sample. Simply follow the directions, insert your sample back in the prepaid envelope, and mail it off to our lab. 

Once our specialists receive your sample, we analyze your blood for chemical reactions to allergens, or antigens. Using a specific test for immunoglobulin E (IgE), we can determine which antibodies your body is producing to counteract allergens. After some precision fine-tuning, we formulate your personalized sublingual drops and ship them your way!

Quello allergy drops contain increasing doses of an FDA-approved antigen. With repeated, long-term exposure, your immune system can desensitize to problematic allergens, easing and even erasing your symptoms.

What is an FDA-Approved Antigen?

FDA-approved antigens are those used in extracts for allergy tests and shots. Technically, sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is only FDA-approved when in tablet form. Any SLIT available in drop form is not FDA-approved, even though the raw materials in these extracts are approved for skin tests, shots, and tablets.

This can get a little tricky and is one of the reasons you should speak to your insurance provider before taking allergy drops. With minimal side effects, allergy drops have been taken for decades in Europe and are now gaining traction across the U.S.

At Quello, our SLIT drops are used for a wide range of statewide allergies. From invasive tree species to prevalent weeds and summer-bloom grasses, our treatments can help. If you’re in an eligible state and have private insurance, consider sublingual immunotherapy.

Managing and Treating Statewide Allergies

Every state is different. Some people experience allergy symptoms in the dead of winter from pollinating Junipers. Others don’t start having issues till grass pollen peaks in July. Whether you have minor seasonal sensitivities or find yourself chronically allergic, you may benefit from allergy drops. 

Quello’s sublingual drops are formulated to treat environmental allergies such as seasonal pollen allergies and perennial allergies.

What Are Environmental Allergies?

Environmental allergies are those caused by allergens in your immediate environment. While this typically refers to seasonal pollen from state trees, grass, and weeds, other allergens play a role. At Quello, our therapy also treats perennial or year-round allergies to things like dust mites, mold, horses, pet dander, and cockroaches. 

Are you huddled up inside with a heater on a cold wintry night? Does the circulating air irritate your skin or breathing? Are dry, windy days carrying pollen across your state, triggering sneezing and coughing? Is mold throughout those damp, decaying leaves giving you trouble?

Whether you touch it, breathe it, or ingest it, Quello’s immunotherapy can treat it. Just be warned: our drop formulations do not address food, latex, medication, or sting/bite allergies. 

Quello allergy tests and drops are tailored for allergies to the following: 

  • Trees
  • Weeds & Grasses
  • Dog Dander 
  • Cat Dander
  • Horses 
  • Cockroaches 
  • Dust Mites 
  • Mold

As always, speak to a medical expert before beginning a treatment protocol. If you’re unsure about your specific sensitivities or have questions about Quello drops or anything else, we’re just a click away!

How Quello Transcends State Boundaries

Being available by mail is just one of the perks of Quello allergy drops. Just think of your typical in-state allergy clinic. Firstly, you have to show up. This means you have to take (sometimes) considerable time out of your day driving, waiting, and driving again. You have to deal with receptionists, assistants, and medical professionals. You have to worry about costs and insurance snafus. 

You’re on your feet, in your car, at the clinic - spending time, money, and effort you don’t have to. 

With drops-by-mail, you avoid all of this. You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to stress, and you don’t have to reorganize your schedule, making sacrifices and squandering resources. 

Simply put, it’s easy!

Given your state, if you’re eligible for Quello’s allergy drop therapy and want to get Quello’s allergy drop therapy, you can. And if you have questions or concerns at any time, we provide 24/7 assistance.

It’s called Doctor-Led, At-Home Therapy for four reasons: 

  1. Drops At Your Doorstep 
  2. Anytime Support & Advice 
  3. Virtually No Side Effects
  4. 100% Ease & Convenience

Should you run into problems, such as a broken or lost drop bottle, you can receive a replacement immediately. Compared to major competitors, Quello allergy drops are the lowest-priced available. 

Quello drops can be purchased on a cash basis or with health savings and flex accounts.

Quello: Available in Your State When You Need It Most

Living with seasonal or perennial allergies can be more than an irritant. It can completely turn your life on its head. Depending on your immune system, seasonal trends, climate change, and other risks outside your control, the worst of your allergies could be right around the corner. 

With warmer temperatures and increasing greenhouse gas emissions, allergies across the globe are getting worse. Many experts now find that allergy seasons are beginning 20 days sooner, lasting 10 days longer, and producing over 20% more pollen than just decades before. In fact, some of the worst changes are occurring in Texas and the Midwest. 

All of this can spell disaster for your immune system. 

So, if you're tired of waiting for effective treatments and solutions for allergies in your state, don’t. With in-home DIY testing, you can get the ball rolling immediately. In just minutes, you can provide a sample and then mail it off to Quello’s affiliated lab. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving your tailored allergy drop formula right at your doorstep!

Note: Patients must be privately insured in eligible states to receive testing and treatment. Speak with a specialist about your options to determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Making Quello Part of Your Life

You may be wondering how to incorporate Quello into your life. After all, we’re all busy with things to do. Life can feel like a haze sometimes, especially when that pollen fog settles over! 

Whether you’re sneezing up a fit due to dander and ragweed, feel congested and disgusting thanks to tree pollen, or don’t know what the heck is causing your symptoms, the first step is to get tested.

With proper testing, you can pinpoint the exact allergens triggering your issues. Once you’ve identified the cause of your allergies and received your personalized allergy formulation, it’s time to start using. 

What To Expect When Using Quello Drops

As you begin your sublingual immunotherapy, be mindful of several things. Firstly, ensure your allergy drops are readily available. Keep them somewhere you are likely to frequent in your home. This could be your bathroom, kitchen counter, a piece of furniture, etc. 

The point is to make it easy to access your drops (and hard to forget them!) 

Secondly, establish a routine. Now that you know where your drops are at all times, get in the habit of using them. Drops are typically taken three times per day under the tongue, every day. To make this easy, take your drops at the same time, or during the same activity, each day. This will help you remember to take them and ensure you get the most benefit.

Thirdly, give your body a chance to absorb the extract. In other words, no eating or drinking right after you take them! Wait about 10 minutes and then you’re good to go. 

It can take several weeks to several months for obvious symptom improvement, but that’s okay. Every patient is different. With each new bottle, you’re also getting a slightly stronger dose, which helps desensitize your immune system to allergens over time.

If you forget to take your drops, don’t worry. Just ensure you don’t try to compensate. When you resume taking your drops, stay at your prescribed daily dose. If you miss two days to two weeks (14 days), resume as normal. 

If you’ve missed more than that, let us know

Start overcoming your allergies.
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What States Is Quello Available In?

Quello allergy drops are currently available in the seven states of Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. To be eligible, you must be privately insured. Individuals with Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare are currently ineligible for testing and treatment. Quello accepts payments through cash, health savings, and flex accounts.

Will Quello Be Available in Other States? 

We plan on it! At Quello, our mission is to shatter medical barriers and increase accessibility for all. We know how difficult living with allergies can be, which is why we’re working tirelessly to bring top-notch treatments to those who need them. We hope to expand our service area to other states soon. Convenience, Safety, and Efficacy are the cornerstone of our practice.

Is Sublingual Immunotherapy Proven?

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) has been used for decades in other countries, but is quickly gaining the understanding it deserves here in the U.S. Relying on raw materials similar to those in allergy shots, allergy drops have incredible potential. While SLIT is not right for everyone, research indicates it may provide comprehensive symptom resolution for some.

Will I Have Side Effects from Allergy Drops?

Using the same FDA-approved antigens found in allergy shots, allergy drops typically induce minimal side effects. In fact, allergy injections often cause more severe reactions. Side effects from allergy drops typically occur when first starting allergy drops or a new dose and may last up to a couple of hours. If symptoms persist, don’t hesitate to reach out

Overcome your allergies at home with our doctor-led therapy.

Get started with our free allergy test kit
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Overcome your allergies at home with our doctor-led therapy.

Get started with our free allergy test kit
Already getting allergy shots?
Get Started with no test needed.
Get notified when Quello is available in my state.
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